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High Fidelity

Welcome to highfidelity.cz (hi-fi). This site is focussed on audio technology in hi-fi level, on sound systems and other interests, updated almost daily.

What is hidden in the name hi-fi? What does it mean? What is hi-fi? (or what is it supposed to be?) The answer is right in the name: Hi Fi is high fidelity, quality in reproduction of sound. Hi Fi is a quality that can be applied to other parts of life. Anything can be hi-fi (a car, a girl, a group of people, food, a job etc) like its hi-fi or it´s not hi-fi

We know the mark of hi-fi from the beginnings of playback music (on records, radio broadcast or later open reels tapes). The age of digital technologies incorporates hi-fi more and more, almost naturally.

The purpose of hi-fi has always been and will be to produce music in our homes as though the artist were performing right there. We can listen to the music anytime we want, just as in a live concert.

At its very beginning in the 40s and 50s, hi-fi was to improve of the quality of mono (one channel) record reproduction, and later improved stereo recording (two channels technology 50.-60.´s). At that time there were a few efforts to make a spatial perception by adding a third centre channel ( Phantom Effect) or a quadrophonic with four channels during the 60s and 70´s.

Today we mainly use digital formats and their variants, such as PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital and DTS. On this site, talking about higher compression systems is a waste of words, because to me they resemble badly recorded CC cassettes (a bit lower rate than 128kb/s).

For the evolution of hi-fi, companies in the US, Europe and Japan were very important- companies which have been long forgotten since the 60s. The Internet is a fantastic chance for us to re-discover them and their products. It gives us the opportunity to sort and gather information about them as well as to compare their quality with contemporary products.

Don´t be afraid to express your surprise at the quality or lack of quality of any product and if you want to say anything about this topic and share your experiences with other people, just send me an email and I will post it on this web site. If you are interested in offering anything or if you are seeking anything, send an email to: js@highfidelity.cz

With the best regards

Jan Lahoda ( hi-fi enthusiast )

This text is translated by Timothy Williamson